Because language matters
Localizaci?n videojuegos

Video game localization

Localization covers far more than a simple translation, and involves adapting the contents to the target market, considering linguistic and macro-textual aspects, and cultural references. Read more

Localizaci?n de aplicaciones

App localization

There are already more than 12 million app users in Spain and the number just keeps on growing. MeowTRAD can localize app texts together with promotional material for the App Store, Google Play, specific websites and press kits. Read more

Localizaci?n de p?ginas web

Website localization

We can translate and adapt your company or product website, multilingual WordPress page or blog to your target market. We focus on keywords, SEO and internationalization guidelines. We then go over the content on screen to ensure perfect results. Read more

Technical and specialized translation

One of the greatest perks of being a translator is learning loads of new things as you go about your daily job. Read more

Sworn translation

Sworn translations are official translations that can only be undertaken by translators and interpreters appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. Sworn translations are always printed out and always include the translator?s stamp, seal and authorization. Read more

Proofreading and editing

Getting your message across in a different language is a complex process that goes beyond translating your text. Our proofreading and editing services adapt to your needs and to your specific indications regarding formatting, terminology and legal aspects. Read more

Other services

¿No has encontrado lo que buscas? Escríbenos o llámanos igualmente. Conocemos a muchos profesionales nativos que trabajan con otras combinaciones de idiomas o que se dedican a la interpretación, diseño web, locución, testeo, doblaje, subtitulación o escritura creativa. Read more